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Yummy Breakfast Pancakes

Being a new mummy, I am still trying to find my feet when it comes to fitting in everything that I need to do in my day. Generally speaking we have a good routine going on, but some days routine is about as useful as a toothbrush with no bristles. For those days when chaos has started before you’ve even left the bedroom, this is my all time favourite go to breakfast. It’s not only super easy, but it’s yummy too! 

Mummy tries to keep her hands off, but it’s probably a good idea to make an extra couple!!


2 eggs

1 banana

 In a food processor blend the banana and eggs together to make a batter mix. (I know it’s really as simple as that) if you don’t own a food processor this can easily be done by hand using a fork and a bowl.


 Heat a little coconut oil (you can use other oil) in the frying pan on a low heat.


 FYI – I got this coconut oil for a really good price at home bargains! I think it was under £4! Barg.

Anyway I digress… once the oil has melted I pour enough batter in to the frying pan to make one pancake. This morning I added in some chopped up raspberries as these are Heidi’s favourite, you can use any fruit for this or just have them plain. The banana makes them tasty enough on their own.


  Once they start to brown on one side flip them over to cook. The pancake only needs a minute or two on each side. Repeat until you have used up all the batter, normally around 5 pancakes worth. Once plated up, I serve with a couple of fresh raspberries. Nom Nom.

Let me know if you make these pancakes and whether your little one loves them too!





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