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New Beginnings – My Birth Story Part 1


That chicken madras was quite nice actually. Considering I always have korma.

 We had some of our best friends round for the evening the day before my little human was due to surface, and we thought we would try to encourage the labour. Of course we had already tried all the oldest tricks in the book, none being successful, and the last one to try was the “spicy curry”. I know that no one really believes these things work but this hungry mumma was in no means going to turn down a curry.

 Around twenty minutes later, after the last mouthful was consumed, I was bouncing on my exercise ball and felt a strange sensation.

 Cr*p, have I just peed myself a little bit? Without uttering a peep, I casually got off my ball and popped upstairs to sort myself out, in the hope that my friends were none the wiser.

    [I can’t believe I am already wetting myself and I haven’t even had the baby yet.]
 Without going in to too much detail (although this post is probably only going to get worse) this didn’t really feel normal. It suddenly dawned on me that this could potentially be my waters breaking. I didn’t want to get my hopes up though so decided not to say anything to my friends. I sorted myself out and popped back downstairs and resumed position on the exercise ball. Obviously I had to let Ross know what was going on, but how could I do this without making it obvious? I know, I will secretly whatsapp him to let him know my thoughts.

 Whatsapp message to hubby: I think my waters might have broken but I am not sure.

Hubby sees he has received a message from wifey but has not read it yet, instead says out loud to the group: Why are you private messaging me?

 OH    MY   GOD.

My friends were looking at me confused, and with me being too embarrassed to say it out loud in front of the guys, I whatsapp messaged them the low down and summoned them into the kitchen with me.

At the precise moment of them walking into the kitchen I felt a big  WHOOOOOOOOOSH.

Any doubts I had previously about it being my waters breaking were gone. This was now very much happening. My waters had broken and I was going to have a baby. I ran into the downstairs toilet and sat on it for about ten minutes. My friends were amazing and summoned the guys out of my house without letting on what was actually happening.

It wasn’t until they were gone that I realised they probably thought I had a dodgy tummy and was stuck on the toilet going for a poo. Awesome!

Everything was starting to feel real, there I was sat on the toilet, Ross standing over me with a nervous yet excited expression on his face. We both knew that the next few days were going to lead to our baby being born, it was extremely surreal. I phoned my mum whilst sat there, as you do, as I needed to tell her the news. I had promised her over the duration of the pregnancy that as soon as I felt anything I would phone her straight away. I could feel the excitement seeping through the phone. She told me to relax and phone my step mum who is a midwife, and then to phone her back. I rang my step mum who confirmed that it was probably my waters that had broken and not to panic and just relax. I was told to keep an eye on the colour of the waters, as if it turned green/ brown it meant that the baby had pooped and this could cause an infection. She also advised me to phone the hospital to give them the heads up.

Apparently, if your waters break before you go into labour, you are at a higher risk of getting an infection, and therefore, if your labour doesn’t start naturally you may need to be induced within 24 hours. This really scared me as I so badly wanted it to start naturally, but, if it was necessary, and it ensured the safety of my baby, then I would have done anything.

After making all the necessary phone calls, it was time to make my way out of the downstairs toilet and make myself more comfortable. Other than the waters (which by the way, don’t just pop and stop, it continuously flows), I had no signs of baby coming.


 At about 10pm, Ross and my mum took a trip to Tesco to get all the necessary bits and bobs needed for a hospital stay. I wanted snacks, I wanted drinks, I wanted magazines, the lot. My younger sister came round to stroke my head as I needed lots of attention (obviously). It was around this point that I remember laying on the floor and feeling very light twinges in my belly. Was this the start of my contractions? Who knew. All I knew was that if this is what contractions felt like then I was going to boss this labour….

Mum and Ross arrived back at the house, stocked up with snacks. I think there was slight disappointment in both their eyes that I wasn’t on my hands and knees panting yet. Waters breaking in real life does not resemble waters breaking on TV. You do not give birth straight away to my dismay. It was pretty much a waiting game at this point. I was told that I had to wait until my contractions were lasting 45-60 seconds and were roughly 5 minutes apart, and at this moment in time I didn’t even know if I was having contractions. We decided to call it a night, my mum and sister went home, and Ross and I went to bed.

Lying in bed I could not get comfortable for the life of me. I don’t know whether it was excitement or nerves for what was to come but I was getting extremely agitated at the fact Ross was snoring away like this was any other ordinary night. My contractions had started to kick in at around 3am and I felt like I really needed my mummy at this point. It was reassuring having someone that has given birth four times be by my side. I summoned her back over to my house. At 4am Ross decided to join the party downstairs, he made himself and my mum tea and toast but I was not feeling it. The contractions were coming in more often and were slightly more painful than before. I started to regret being so cocky to begin with. A couple of them were really sharp and I had to bend over the arm of the sofa. Ross was gently rubbing my back (he did learn something at the antenatal class!) and constantly asking if I needed anything bless him. I didn’t need anything. I refused any water and food offered to me, whenever I am anxious I can’t stomach the thought of food and drink, and this has always been the case. Looking back, it probably would have been wise to eat the toast.

By 7am I was fully bent over the sofa clenching my fists with every contraction, oh my, this was going to be a lot harder than I first thought. Ross was next to me with his stopwatch on his phone. The contractions were getting longer and stronger and were closer together. We phoned the hospital to let them know that we should probably be making our way in. To my horror I was told to wait at home and a midwife would be round at 9am to check me over. This scared me as it felt like the baby was getting nearer to making it’s way into the world… but, never having had a baby before, I trusted the midwives and carried on with my deep breathing.

My whole first stage labour so far had been spent on my hands and knees with deep breaths as this is some advice my mum gave me about helping the baby come out quicker. Something to do with gravity. I didn’t know if this was true but I was willing to try anything. My gosh though, the feeling of those contractions were shocking, I have never felt anything quite like it.

At 9am the doorbell went and I was so relieved to see the midwife standing there, in my head the baby was due to be surfacing any time soon and the quicker I could get to that hospital the better. I did not want to be having this baby in the car. My mum welcomed her in whilst I was dabbing my brow trying to make myself look half presentable. (Pretty sure she had and was going to see worse, after all I was still fully clothed). She took one look at me and the first words to come out of her mouth were: “Well I can already see that you are not in labour just by looking at you”.

Excuse me?

She needed to take that back before I sat on her.

Blame it on the hormones, but I burst out crying. How on earth could I not be in labour? What are those feelings I have been having since 10pm last night? I thought I was moments away from meeting my baby after all of my hard work and here I am being told that labour hasn’t even started yet. I was ready to give up. All of my positive energy had seeped out of me and I suddenly felt very negative and low. Funnily enough, I hadn’t had a single contraction since she arrived. I was petrified, I was struggling already with the pain and if I hadn’t even started yet then what was labour going to feel like??? My mum gave me a big hug and told me everything was going to be ok.

The midwife offered to check me, to see if anything was happening, and I jumped at the chance. I really wanted to prove her wrong. We went upstairs and she took a sweep, firstly she confirmed it was my water that had gone, and secondly she confirmed that I wasn’t in labour. My cervix was fully shut.

Don’t cry again. Don’t cry again. Don’t cry again.

The midwife measured my belly and felt like I was measuring small (I had this throughout every scan and checkup but everything was always fine) and for that reason she rang the hospital and asked whether they could see me for a growth scan. They booked me in for 11am. The midwife left and I felt relieved knowing that I was going to the hospital. I felt in my head that that was where I needed to be. My contractions were back in full force after she left but they were irregular and definitely were not occurring every 5 minutes. I carried on with my deep breathing on my hands and knees until it was time to go to the hospital.

Slowly but surely, it was 11am and Ross packed my hospital bag in the car just in case (I was secretly hoping they would let me stay overnight or decide to induce me on arrival.) I waddled to the car and strapped myself in. I counted 3 contractions throughout the journey, one being extremely uncomfortable.

The only thing that kept going through my mind was, how could I not be in labour?

[To be continued]


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