Mothering Sunday

I think that the first Mother’s Day for any woman is a very special milestone. One to cherish and reflect on how blessed we are to have been able to bring life into the world. 

I feel that the day should be celebrated, mums should be celebrated and life should be celebrated.

I personally feel so lucky with my life. I don’t have anything to complain about. I have both my parents. I have amazing step parents and I have wonderful in-laws. I have a tremendously thoughtful and caring husband and I have a beautiful daughter. My family are my everything and as long as I have them in my life as well as my friends I don’t need anything else. 

Being so fortunate, I always send a thought on Mothering Sunday to those I know that have lost someone close to them. It must be a hard day to celebrate and only makes me even more grateful to have what I have.

I don’t think that I could have planned a more perfect first Mother’s Day for me than what my husband did. That’s saying something, as I like to think of myself as the key planner of the household. (He’s going to regret it now when I give him more responsibility!) 

The day started off with my little pickle bringing me in a card, Emma Bridgewater mug (which I had left hints with the best friend that I wanted) and a gorgeous plant pot for the downstairs bathroom. I was very lucky.

Ross took Heidi to visit her Grandma and cook her breakfast whilst my sisters and I took my mum to Chichester for breakfast and a browse around the shops. 

The second part of my day was a complete surprise. I had no idea what we were doing, the only thing I was told was that I could wear my sandals and to bring my camera. We got into the car, put Heids in her car seat and set off into the distance. We drove past lots of places where I thought we might have been going (I presumed we were going to a restaurant for lunch). We drove past the wedding barns and I felt nostalgic thinking about how close we were to Duncton Mill. 

Duncton Mill Fishery was where we held our wedding reception on 14th June 2014 – almost three years ago!

Randomly we started driving up the hill towards the venue and I turned to Ross and asked him “are we going to our wedding venue?!” He gave me a sly smile and I shed a tear or two (of course) behind my sunglasses. I couldn’t believe how thoughtful he had been to plan this. I didn’t even know we were allowed to go back and visit, but apparently he had been in contact with the owners Caroline and Martin and arranged it all with them. I really couldn’t believe it.

The weather was fantastic, the sun was beaming down over the lake and I fell in love with it all over again. I would choose our venue over and over again. (If only you could get married to the same person more than once!) 

We walked down and found a cosy spot to lay out our picnic next to the lake. He had packed cheese & crackers, scones & jam, strawberries, grapes, two red velvet cupcakes and a bottle of prosecco. Not to mention a box of choccies as an additional present. He knows me so well, and, that the key to my heart is through my stomach!

I loved sitting Heidi on the picnic blanket. It was her first real picnic as she was just too tiny to be in the sun last year. She loved looking around and taking in the views and the sounds of the wildlife, she kept waving to the ducks and made me beam with pride.  It felt so magical having my baby in the same place as where we were married. It’s comforting to know that she has been there. I’m hoping it’s going to be a new Mothers Day tradition ;-).

I took the opportunity of being in such gorgeous surroundings to take some shots on my new camera. I now face the mammoth task of  sorting through them and only keeping the pictures that are the best and deleting the not so great ones. I never have been good at that!

We finished our picnic with a nice walk around the lake, it was lovely seeing all of the benches and nooks where we had our wedding photographs taken. It still feels like yesterday.

It’s safe to say that I went to bed that day with a very full heart. I can’t possibly love my family more. I hope that you have enjoyed reading what we got up to and I hope that you all had an equally wonderful day with your loved ones.

Love Charleigh 



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