Collecting Memories

So I’m sat here while my little one takes a worthy afternoon siesta and scrolling through my thousands of photos that I have saved on my phone. I am a massive hoarder when it comes to photos and I cannot possibly post them all onto Instagram. If I did I would most probably get blocked from the site as I would take up too much room. But I also struggle when it comes to deleting any. What if I regret it?? What if I desperately need that photo of Heidi on the swing where her little toe points inwards and it’s really cute? I’d better not delete any just in case. . . 

Then I thought what a fabulous idea it would be to post them on my blog.. that way they are always there. I’ll always have access to them and I can also show off my favourite ones to anyone who may be as nosy as I am 🙂 

Much love

Charleigh xox 


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